Worker Compensation and Employers Liability

Worker Compensation and Employers Liability protects your business.  If you are found to be liable for employee injury or illness, workers’ compensation can protect you and your business.  This type of insurance is mandatory for most states. Employer’s liability is the second half of a true worker’s comp policy. It would be the stop gap portion that L&I doesn’t cover.

Worker Compensation & Employers Liability

Worker Compensation Policies Include:

  • Diagnostic and Medical procedures due to on-the-job injuries
  • Rehabilitation Costs
  • Replacement of lost wages, usually up to two-thirds of the employee’s salary, for personal injuries caused by accidents arising out of and in the course of employment.

Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI) covers a broad range of claims or lawsuits that might be brought by current or former employees or employment candidates. Employers cannot afford to ignore the potential exposure to employment lawsuits that have increased dramatically over the last several decades.

EPLI Includes:

  • Coverage for claims against the insured company and its directors, officers and employees
  • All policies include civil judicial proceedings and virtually all include arbitration and administrative proceedings.
  • Policies differ on who may bring a covered claim, it is important to have a broad policy, covering claims by or on behalf of any past, present or prospective full time, part time, temporary or seasonal employee.


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