Employee Services

Carlson & Associates provide comprehensive levels of employee support. Alls clients receive a personal Benefit Advocate to assist employees with questions on providers to questions at claim time. Concierge services are part of our day to day customer service for out clients. Below are just a few services we provide to employees.

Wellness Programs

Encouraging employees to be healthy and productive can be beneficial in containing costs for the employer. Creating a wellness program and promoting good health in the workplace can prevent employees from missing important days at work.

These wellness programs can include stress management, medical screenings, recreational programs, and smoking programs. Also included are safety programs to provide employees with information to better care for themselves suck as back care, proper diet, and proper exercise.

Employee Assistance Programs

An employee assistance program provides your employees with access to confidential and professional assistance to help overcome problems that may affect their work and personal wellbeing. Improves employee productivity can reduce work absence and improve an employee's personal life overall. Assistance can include counseling and access to organizations for mental health, alcohol abuse, greif, and family problems.

Enrollment, Employee Services, and Technology

Communication, ease of enrollment, and the quality of communication impacts your employees’ excitement for the plan as well as your company’s brand.  We offer different options for enrollment and employee services, from simplistic paper enrollments to more complex HRIS technology platforms.  Successfully communicating cost increases and plan changes, which are common occurrences, are a strategic part of our broker services.


COBRA is required by law for businesses with twenty or more employees to offer the continuation of health benefits to employees after the event of losing their job or receiving a reduction in hours causing them to lose qualification of health benefits.

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