Group Health Insurance for your Business and Employees

We are an advocate for employers to help create an employee benefits package for your employees to help attract and retain quality talent, as well as manage risk and cost. Our goal is to make your life easier by streamlining the process of selecting a package for your company, providing options, and listening to what is important to your business.

What is Group Health Insurance?

Group health insurance is used to cover a group of people under one insurance policy. It is a very valuable employee benefit that employers can offer to help employee retention.

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Why should you Provide Group Health Insurance for your business?


Premiums for group health plans are typically lower than individual plans because the risk is spread among the employees.

Employee Retention

Once you find a great employee, you don’t want to lose them. Providing benefits that help employee well-being is a huge incentive to stay with your company. Offering group health insurance shows that you care about their health and are appreciative of the work that they do.

Streamlined enrollment

Having one plan for all employees streamlines the insurance process which can save time and stress.

Healthy Staff

Team members that are healthy and well taken care of are more likely to produce high quality work. This is an opportunity to provide essential services to them such as preventative care, check-ups, and others at a more affordable cost.

Group Health Insurance

Does every employee need to be on the plan?

If you choose to provide a group health plan, it must be offered to all qualifying employees that meet certain criteria that you can set. Employees must work a certain number of hours per week or meet a probation period (waiting period) to qualify for coverage.

Employer group plans usually require a certain number of employees enroll or participate in the plan as well.

Do Businesses have to offer health insurance to their employees?

Small Business under 50 employees are not required to offer health insurance to their employees.

The ACA requires that companies that have 50 or more employees must offer a group health insurance plan to eligible employees. To meet this requirement, you can provide a Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC) plan.

Carriers have different requirements for minimum group size requirements.

Who pays for the premium?

Employers pay a percentage of the employee premiums. Carriers set a minimum amount that the employer must contribute. The minimum will vary carrier to carrier.

For example:

Let's say an employees cost of insurance is $400 in total and the employer contributes 75% of the premium cost.

Employers Pay: 75% of premiums ($300)

Employees Pay: 25% of premiums ($100)

If the carrier set minimum contribution requirement is met than you can decide how much you want to pay beyond that and do it by a percentage or flat dollar amount.

Group Health Insurance

Why Choose Carlson & Associates?  

Group Health Insurance


Locally owned and operated and believe in local relationships and supporting the community


Being Independent allows us to offer a wider range of options from multiple companies to best fit you needs


We have been in business over 20 years and have strong relationships with top national/regional insurance companies

Expert Advise

We value education of our staff and our clients to help guide you through making the best decision

Cost Savings

We can offer better deals on insurance by comparing rates from multiple insurance companies

Ease of doing Business

We are invested in technology and want to do business the way you want to

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