Value Added Services

Managing employees and health benefits can consume a large amount of company time. Carlson & Associates offers great Value Added Services that simplify the process, saving company time and resources. 


Zywave provides employers with current HR and compliance information for any issue a company may encounter.

More benefits of Zywave include:

  • Custom employee handbooks
  • Employee training management
  • Workplace safety training
  • Harassment prevention resources
  • Receive alerts for any changes in regulation


Managing employee benefits throughout the year can require a lot company time. Ease provides a simplified approach to benefit management. Using a virtual enrollment platform eliminates the use of paper applications and creates a straightforward approach to benefit enrollment process. When new enrollments or employee changes are made, a notification is sent directly to your Broker, cutting out any chance of omissions. 

More benefits of Ease:

  • Give employees 24/7 access to benefit information
  • Manage benefits all year round
  • Keep's employee information secure 


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