8 Steps to Register as a Contractor in Washington State

8 Steps to Register as a Contractor in Washington State

Thinking of starting your own Construction business in Washington State?

In order for a contractor or individual to perform contracting work they must first go through the proper steps. Below you will find a simplified step-by-step guide on becoming a licensed contractor in the state of Washington.  

  1. Choose the Structure of your Business
    • IE-Sole-Proprietor
    • Partnership
    • Corporation
    • LLC
  2. Register with Washington Secretary of State
  3. Complete the Online Business Application
    • dor.wa.gov
    • Receive Uniform Business Identifier Number (UBI)
  4. Get IRS Employer ID Number (EIN) if you plan to have employees
    • Call IRS: 1-800-829-4933
  5. Fill out the Application for Contractor Registration and have it notarized
    • Form (F625-001-000)
    • A Local L&I Office will notarize for you
  6. Purchase Bond and Liability Insurance
    • Bond
      • $12,000 Bond for a General Contractor
      • $6,000 Bond for a Specialty Contractor
      • $4,000 Bond for Electrical Contractor
    • Get General Liability Insurance Coverage
      • Electrical Contractors are not required to submit Proof of General Liability, but it is recommended they obtain the coverage. Other Contractors are mandated to submit proof of General Liability coverage to register with L&I

      7. Pay the Registration Fee
      8. Submit your Application and Required Docs to L&I 

Note- It is recommended to walk directly into your local L&I Office to submit documents, but if you submit by mail the address is listed below.

Department of Labor & Industries 
Contractor Registration Section
PO Box 44450
Olympia WA 98504-4450

That’s it!

While this may sound like an overwhelming process it is pretty simple. If you need help navigating the process we can help walk you through it. Carlson & Associates represents some of the leading construction insurance companies in the industry and can assist you getting your business started.