Collector Car and Classic Car Insurance you can count on

Collector Car Insurance for the Car Enthusiast. Not all insurance policies come in the same shape and size and this is true to collector car insurance policies.

Collector Car Insurance

Benefits of Collector Car Coverage

Guaranteed Value

In the event of a total loss, your receive the insured amount agreed upon between you and the insurance company. Guaranteed Payout.

You save money on your insurance policy

Because it is known that your car will be driven less and the pricing is reflected in the amount you pay per year.

Expert Claims Handling

You get coverage with a company that knows how to find the parts, regularly deal with these claims, and know what is most important with handling you classic car.

Flexible Usage

Depending on the usage of your vehicle we can find a company best fit to how many miles you will drive your collector car, where it is stored, and if you wanted to drive it regularly.


What types of collector cars qualify for collector car insurance?

  • Collector and Classic Cars
  • Collector Motorcycle and Scooters
  • Classic and Antique Tractors
  • Motorsport Vehicles
  • Insurance for Modified Cars
  • Collector Trucks and SUVs

Important Coverages for Collector-Car insurance

Bodily Injury Liability

Coverage to pay for injury and harm to others in an accident where you are found liable.

Property Damage Liability

Coverage to pay for damage to others property caused by your automobile.

Uninsured Motorist / Underinsured Motorist

Liability coverage to take care of you when another party injures you or causes harm to you when they have no insurance, or less insurance than you.

Personal Injury Protection & Medical Payments (No-Fault Coverage)

Coverage that pays for you and your passengers medical and related expenses from a car accident regardless of who is at fault.

Comprehensive Coverage (other than collision)

Comprehensive is physical damage coverage for your vehicle that happens any way other than a direct collision. Examples of these are theft, vandalism, falling objects, flood, etc. Comprehensive will pay the fair market value for your car to repair or replace your vehicle (less your deductible).

Collision Coverage (Collision with other cars or objects)

Collision is physical damage caused to your vehicle in an automobile accident that occurs in a direct collision with another vehicle or object. In a collision, you pay your deductible and get your vehicle repaired or receive the fair market value for your vehicle.

Other Coverage Options

  • Roadside Assistance & Towing - Towing a classic car can require a different need than any other car.
  • OEM Parts - An endorsement you can add for newer vehicles to have Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) used to repair your vehicle
  • Agreed Value (for comprehensive and collision) - Get an agreed amount on your car in the event of a total loss

We protect all kinds of classic cars, trucks, antique cars, modified and newer vehicles, in addition to motorcycles, vintage tractors, boats and more. With Carlson & Associates you can trust one of our advisors to assist with a quality vehicle insurance policy for you.

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