Group Health Insurance

Since starting business in 2004, Carlson & Associates has been a leader in the group health insurance market for businesses. Health insurance has been drastically changing and we are your local resource for the information you need to take care of your business and employees.

What we offer for Business Health Insurance Plans:

1. Choice

  • We find the best option for your business and needs
  • We represent all major state insurance companies and association plans to give you a large number of options
  • We provide plan comparisons to compare coverages, premiums, and plan networks
  • We have creative plan funding options available such as Self-Funded plans, Health Reimbursement Accounts, and Health Savings Accounts

2. Personalized Service

  • We want to understand what your business needs are and deliver solutions
  • Annual review of benefits
  • Employee Meetings
  • Creative plan design/funding
  • Education of plans and marketplace

All Businesses are unique so it is important to find business medical insurance that fits your needs. One of our insurance professionals can help assess what your needs are and help design a company health insurance plan that will provide quality medical care for your employees within your budget.

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