Inland Marine Insurance

Insurance for Property on to go

Inland Marine is designed to cover your property or materials that is not located or being used while on your business premises. The standard commercial property coverage typically only covers your assets within a certain distance of your business location. If you're regularly taking equipment or materials out to job sites or to different locations you may need to consider inland marine coverage.

What Does Inland Marine Insurance Cover?

It covers damage to your property for a number of different causes such as fire, theft, vandalism, wind, water, and many more. There are a number of different different things it can cover such as:

  • Motor Truck Cargo: Protects clients property while in your care
  • Contractor's Equipment: Machinery and tools used while on the job site or off your business premises
  • Mobile Equipment: If you have any equipment that is off premises
  • Builder's Risk: Protects structures and materials during new construction or renovation projects (also known as Course of Construction)
  • Installation Floater: Coverage for materials for a job while in your possession until installed or accepted by another party


Builders Risk Insurance / Course of Construction

Builders Risk is a unique form of Inland Marine coverage. This covers a person or business organization against physical losses to a building structure while undergoing construction or renovation. It covers materials, equipment and fixtures that are awaiting installation.

Who Would Buy Builders Risk Insurance?

There a number of people or organizations that would purchase Builders Risk to cover a loss to a building undergoing construction.

  • Homeowners
  • Property Investment Companies
  • Contractors & Builders
  • Home Flippers
  • Organizations taking on the project of constructing a new building

Inland Marine is a very useful coverage and can fulfill a number of different needs from a wide spectrum of businesses. It can be a standalone product or be packaged with your other coverage as well. Contact us to see how we can see how inland marine may fit your companies needs.

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